As i see it… The Karan Singh reader

Over the last four decades, Dr. Karan Singh's writings have ranged over a very wide area reflecting his diverse interests and multi-dimensional activities. These include philosophy and religion; politics and population; culture and global society; environment and education; Dogri songs and English poems; an autobiography and novel; as well as travelogues around the world. Published on his 70th birthday, this volume called As I See It... The Karan Singh Reader offers a representative selection of his writing.

The book is divided into seven sections -- India, Philosophy, Education, Political Life, Interfaith Harmony, World Peace and Global Consciousness. While readers may be interested to turn to Dr. Karan Singh's original books, this selection places in their hands the thinking of one of our most creative and holistic minds. Having an orientation towards the future, this is a volume which will be of interest to the specialist and layman alike. In particular, Dr. Karan Singh's vision of a dynamic future for India will be a source of inspiration for the younger generations who are grappling with the tremendous challenges and equally dramatic opportunities that are emerging in the twenty first century.