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You will find that I have been privileged to enjoy a rather unique spectrum of experiences. Indeed my life seems to fall into 18-year modules. I was born into the ruling family of the State of Jammu & Kashmir, one of the largest of the hundreds of Indian States within the British empire. My father was Maharaja, and as the only son, I would have succeeded him in due course. The first phase of my life therefore was as a Crown Prince, although in public school I got no privileged treatment. Then began a prolonged medical problem which had me on my back for 18 months...



Education has been a life long interest with me, as a life long student and also as Chancellor of several universities...



I have been engaged in active politics since the beginning of the second phase of my life when I was appointed the...



Statement on Jammu & Kashmir by Karan Singh

New Delhi, 29 May 2014 I have been distressed by the fierce controversy that has broken out in the press and electronic media with regard to Article 370, flowing from an avoidable statement by the MoS in PM’s office. The whole question is extremely sensitive and must be handled coolly and in...


Had it not been for Sardar Patel

From the Indian Express 11 November 2013 In view of the recent burst of interest in the media, I would like to recall the association that I was privileged to have, over six decades ago, with the great...


A film on my Vision and Beliefs

A film on my vision and beliefs by filmmaker Raja Chouhury entitled "I Believe: Universal Values for a Global Society" can now be seen free online at ...more

Bollywood, Take Three

‘Ship of Theseus’, ‘Bhaag Milkha Bhaag’ and ‘The Light’ offer new ways of seeing. From Indian Express 19 Sep 2013 I am...


Amar Mahal Museum & Library

Amar Mahal Museum & Library, placed in a picturesque setting of Himalayas is an epitome of royal

Amar Mahal Museum & Library, placed in a picturesque setting of Himalayas is an epitome of royal grandeur and magnificence...


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Here are some photographs of the work I am doing and some of the events I have been involved in.

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